Easter Mourning

a poem for Sri Lanka (and us)

City stunned, scarred

By sons of spice tycoon

Church pew gash

Glass shard mandala

Run home, run home 

Sequestered citizens 

Breathe bold faced news  

In power cut gaps

As people who look like me

From island country flee

Cyclone horizon

Turbulent terror

Worship, tremble, weep

In churches, mosques and temples

On prayer mat 

And boulder flat

Embrace your love

And hold your breath

Pray and pity us

On island country free

First published in April, 2019. I lived with my family in Kandy, at the heart of Sri Lanka. We love our adopted country. We describe the country as lush and beautiful and the people as warm and cheerful. These violent attacks confuse and horrify us. We mourn with all people the hurt and pain we humans inflict upon ourselves again and again.