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Book Lush: The what to drink with what to read guide book.4

If Nancy Pearl (Book Lust) and Don Draper (Mad Men) had a baby, and by baby I mean book, that baby would be Book Lush.

Book Lush is the definitive guide of what to read with what to drink. Book Lush pairs great reads with a drink perfectly matched to the tone, style, period and meaning of the writing. Each section contains an excerpt of a book selection, a brief biography of the author, the relevance of the piece, a description of the writing style and the author’s place in modern literature, plus a paired drink recipe. Drink recipes are crafted by bartenders from some of the most interesting drinking venues around the world, with the book selection serving as inspiration.

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Book Lush Updates

Book Lush 19 - Stephen King The Shining

Book Lush Cocktail: What to Drink While Reading The Shining by Stephen King

Introducing a thrilling new Book Lush cocktail recipe inspired by Stephen King's The Shining.
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