Build Your Author Platform in 30 Days (Webinar Series)

New Webinar Series:

Build your author platform from scratch in 30 days.

Update: Registration for this class is closed.

Taught by: Kelsye Nelson


Why Take This Program:

This program will help you build your author platform from scratch in 30 days. If you are just starting out as an author and have no idea where to begin, this program will walk through the steps you need to take to establish your author platform. If you have already started building your author platform and establishing your identity as a professional author, you will learn how to grow your audience, optimize your platform to reach readers, and craft strategies to help you meet your publishing goals.

By the end of the 4 week program, you will have:

[custom_list indent="32"] [list_item icon="check"]A clear identity as an author on the internet[/list_item][list_item icon="check"]A rapidly growing community of readers[/list_item][list_item icon="check"]Established and professional social media networks[/list_item][list_item icon="check"]A new (or improved) author website[/list_item][list_item icon="check"]A solid strategy for building your audience in the future (both online and offline[/list_item][/custom_list]

Program Format:

This 4 week class consists of 4 live webinars, two online lab sessions, plus a checklist of homework tasks to do each week. The webinars will be recorded, so if you can't make the live session, you can watch the recording at a time that works for you. All registrants will have access to the recordings for at least one year following the class.

The program also contains two optional online labs where you may showcase your work, ask the instructor more questions and receive direct input and feedback from your peers. Labs are held on Saturday (9/20 & 10/4)  from 10am to noon.

You will have direct access to me via email to ask questions along the way while you are working on your tasks.

Program Schedule:

All webinars are held on Tuesdays from noon to 2pm PT. Webinars are recorded so that you can watch (or re-watch) them at a time that works best with your schedule.

Webinar One (9/9): Claim your name

The first step to building your author platform is to claim your name across the interwebs! In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to purchase a website URL in your name
  • What to do if you find your name has been claimed by someone else
  • How to optimize your author profile on sites such as Goodreads, Amazon Author Central, LibraryThing, Shelfari, Google+ and more
  • How to craft a perfectly targeted and authentic author biography

Webinar Two (9/16): Build your audience

It's great that you're on the internet, but how do people find you? This week you learn strategies for growing your online following on social media sites, getting people to opt-in to your ever-important email list and how to build authentic and lasting interactions with the readers that find you online.

Saturday Lab #1 (9/20): Project check-ins (optional)

Share with your classmates the wonderful work you've done so far, while using this time to ask questions, see more examples and hear how other authors are solving the same issues you may encounter.

Webinar Three (9/23): Simple and beautiful websites

If you do not already have a website, you'll learn how to set one up from scratch using free and/or very cheap services and templates. If you have zero web or design skills, no need to fear! We'll use simple point, click, edit templates that result in websites more beautiful than most you see out there.

If you already have an author website set-up, you'll lean how to optimize your site to collect visitor emails, increase engagements and social shares, and (gasp!) sell your books!

Webinar Four (9/30): Strategies for success

Now that you have your author platform established, what do you do with it? In this session you'll work with a template for building your own strategy for growing your audience moving forward. You'll see promotion examples you can use both online and offline to increase your reach and readership.

Saturday Lab #2 (10/4): Wrap up (optional)

You've had a month to put it all together and test-drive your shiny new author platform. I'm guessing some questions have popped up! We'll use this lab showcase participant accomplishments, wrap up any final questions you have and go over some last minute tips and tricks.