Event-square_booktrackHow cool would it be if your readers could listen to thoughtfully crafted soundtrack perfectly aligned to your book as they read? Booktrack makes this possible!

Join me in a free webinar on October 9th to learn how you - and your readers - can create soundtracks for your favorite books with Booktrack. RSVP here.

What the heck is Booktrack?

Booktrack synchronizes soundtracks to eBooks creating a new medium for reading. With Booktrack, a unique soundtrack is paced to an individual's reading speed and synchronized to match the storyline while they read. Readers get instant free access to thousands of stories, from famous classics to contemporary titles, while authors easily create their own Booktrack titles by matching their stories to an extensive library of over 20,000 free-to-use high quality music and ambient audio tracks. Published Booktrack titles become instantly available to a global audience across Booktrack’s online service and mobile apps. Booktrack is delivering an innovative and engaging experience for today’s generation of digital readers, providing new ways for authors to evoke emotion and bring scenes to life, while additionally demonstrating proven learning benefits. Booktrack is seen as a disruptive force in the publishing and audio world, equivalent to how the introduction of sound changed the experience of watching film forever.

Want to win a video trailer of your book expertly crafted by the Booktrack team?

Enter the raffle below to win one of two free book trailers. Check out the ones they made for Hugh Howey's Sand and Pittacus Lore's Power of Six.

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