In order to avoid real work this weekend, I decided that my entire writing office need a deep clean and reorganization. This inevitably entailed me sitting on the floor and leafing slowly through old journals. In one unlikely book (Since when did I buy spiral-bound notebooks? Gross!), I found a "to do" list artfully hand-titled "That Girl That Does Things." Reading through my prioritized tasks, I could not help but laugh out loud.

Of course, I must share this with you all. Here it is!


My life may have a been a mess at that moment, but at least I had a plan! Almost ten years from the creation of this list, I have no idea why I pluralized "divorce" or why the heck I was designing t-shirts. I accomplished the feat of my divorce and certainly reestablished my internet connection. Thank God I got over those crappy boyfriends. However, there are a few items on this list that I mat easily transpose onto my to-do list of the present. They are:

  • Rewrite novel
  • Clean house
  • Take daughter up mountain
  • Hang up clothes on floor
  • Call mom

This inspires me to occasionally stash one of my current to-do lists in a folder for my later enjoyment and amusement. I wonder which tasks will remain in another ten years.