Meet friend of Book Lush: Street Slips

What do you wear while reading your classic novels and sipping your custom cocktails? Street Slips! Australian designer HeavyTaste has launched a new line of incredibly gorgeous loafers that mold like a glove to your feet. The shoes are smart and sexy - just like Book Lush backers.

Street Slips reached out as a fan of Book Lush and will be introducing our book to their community. We thought we'd return the favor. Plus, these shoes are seriously killer. I personally backed their Kickstarter at a level that gets me a pair of shoes. Now the question is simply will I get a pair for myself, or for my love? Tough call!

If you like what you see in this update, please give them a look on Kickstarter. They are 95% funded! You may be the lucky backer that makes their project a reality!

Onward! XO, Kelsye