33 Giveaway Ideas for Authors

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Want to know the best way to entice someone to join your email list? Offer a high-value, relentlessly helpful or entertaining freebie. (Also called lead magnets.)

These giveaways provide excellent opportunities to nurture your relationship with your audience and move people down the path from mere online acquaintance to true fan. Make things easy on yourself with digital freebies that don’t cost a thing and may be instantly delivered through tools such as Mailchimp or LeadPages.

Fiction authors in particular may struggle with coming up with things they may offer for free. Even if you don’t publish instructional material, you can offer enticing giveaways such as audiobook samples, book club activities or even collections of journal prompts to help get other people writing.

If you write non-fiction, there’s a plethora of perfectly pleasing perks you may publish. People seem to really love checklists and how-to guides – anything that makes it easy for them to do whatever it is they’re trying to do!

I’ve listed 33 giveaway ideas for authors on this free download. I also included tips on getting your freebies out into the world and what tech tools you may use to collect email address.

Awesome! Give me the Freebie Cheat Sheet.

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