3 Things You Can Do This Week to Promote Your Book

Three_hings_promote_your_bookWhen I ask authors what they believe the hardest part about publishing is, they invariably say book marketing. You may be disheartened to see your wonderful book is not selling the way you imagined. It's very simple, readers won't buy your book if they don't know about it. If you aren't doing anything to get the word out, it's very likely no one else is either.

Have no fear! Here are three things you can do this week to help ramp up interest and sales.

1. Write a guest blog

One of the fastest ways to build your audience is to jump in front of someone else's. Identify a blog that has a good readership in your target audience. Reach out to the blogger and offer a guest post. You will have the greatest likelihood of acceptance if you offer content that the blog readers would enjoy. Don't simply offer a post about your book. That's boring. Instead, offer on-point content. For example, if you write science fiction, offer a science fiction blog an article on the top ten sci-fi books to restore faith in humanity. Or, if you write literary fiction, offer a blogger an article on the creative process.

Of course, for this to result in book sales, you'll need to link to your book somewhere. If appropriate, you can mention it in the article. Otherwise, make sure your bio for the article contains not only a link to your author website, but also a link to your most recent release.

2. Schedule a BookBub campaign

Hands down, Bookbub provides the best return on advertising spend I've seen. (With the exception of direct email campaigns.) Bookbub allows you to promote your book sale to their mailing list of readers. You must offer a deep discount (or free download) in order to be considered. The cost varies depending on which of their lists you decide to send to and the strength of your discount. You can view their pricing chart here. If you're clever, you'll understand that the volume of sales offset the discount you offer. As a bonus, your Amazon ranking will soar, allowing for an increase in sales even after your Bookbub campaign has ended.

3. Run a LibraryThing review campaign

LibraryThing is a wonderful site where readers catalog their book and reading collections. While similar to Goodreads, I find the users on LibraryThing to be serious, committed readers. LibraryThing puts less emphasis on social shares and community updates, and more focus on the indulgent science that is library cataloguing.

LibraryThing provides a way for authors to offer review copies to readers. I prefer their system over the Goodreads system in that you actually receive the full contact information of the readers who request your books. You are able (and required) to communicate directly with your readers. Amazing! You can learn more about offer review copies on LibraryThing here.

You are your book's greatest advocate. While it would be perfectly lovely to launch a book out into the world and let the publishing Gods take over, the reality is that you need to put effort into getting the word out. Small, consistent efforts pay off over the long run. Do what you can to publicize your book. Your new readers will thank you.

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Love this! Thank you!

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