Let me buy you a drink in Jamaica (Winter Writers Retreat)

Jamaica_writing-retreatSlogging away on your novel while the wind, rain and snow batters against your window makes for a romantic scene. Behold the suffering artist hunkering down while she completes her masterpiece.

You know what else is lovely? White sand beaches. Not freezing. Getting drenched only at moments of your choosing and in warm water that doesn't make your body shudder with cold shakes.

Little Bay Cabins in FREAKING JAMAICA is inviting writers to come on down to their little paradise. The deal is 4 nights for 2 people for $350. If you don't feel like writing, you can swim, snorkel, kayak, or stroll to the Bob Marley cabin site.

Here's the really nerdy, wonderful thing: if you book it using my code KELSYEJAM, I'll buy you your first Jamaica Rum cocktail (via $10 bar credit) in honor of Book Lush.

The infamous and fabulous Dave Olsen (aka Uncle Weed, aka VP at Hootsuite ) sends you this video postcard from Little Bay with an invite to join him for the holidays in Jamaica.

Nitty gritty details...

  • Guests must book on-line (not telephone reservation number) using code KELSYEJAM.
  • Guests pay deposit by CC and remainder upon checkout.
  • Booking includes 4 nights for 2 people $350. Booking price does not include, 10% room tax, 10% energy surcharge, transfer from airport, meals.
  • Must be booked by Jan. 30th. 2015. Visits much be completed by end of June 2015.

Little Bay is legit and luscious. You can check out their reviews on TripAdvisor.

This is crazy, right? A last minute booking to Jamaica?

Yes. Gloriously so. Drop me a line if you book it and go. I might even make it down myself!

Book today. Live the dream.


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