How to Get Revenge on Your Father

Live story telling: Revenge

You might think your dad was embarrassing growing up. No. Your dad likely ranked mildly annoying on my personal scale of  PIH (Parental Induced Humiliation). My dad, however, claims the title King of Adolescent Mortification. But don't feel sorry for me. I got my revenge. Watch the video above to hear me tell the story live at an event in Seattle.

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Tammy J Rizzo

10 years ago

I had this bookmarked to watch, eventually. I finally took the time to watch it. HILARIOUS! Oh, you LUCKY lady, to be able to turn all those years of embarrassment around and pile them all on your dad all at once! Oh, that must have felt just wonderful! 😀 Great story!


10 years ago

That was SO funny. An embarrassing moment with humor. There is a sense that humor, when used in the right spirit, does always work. It always puts quarrels into a larger context and humanizes the situation. Even if the effects aren't immediately visible, humor changes things for the better. Awesome pay back and story.

stephanie rivas

2 years ago

how do i get revange cuz he took away my talet in roblox and tookpictures on text


2 years ago

god your right