VIDEO: How to Plan a Book Launch

RECORDED WEBINAR: How to plan a book launch

Do you have a new book coming out? Congratulations! Now is the time to start planning your book launch.

In this recorded, one-hour webinar, I discuss key components of a successful book launch including; prepping your author platform, branding, social media, live events, free and paid advertising, beta readers and lining up reviews.

After completing this webinar, you'll be able to create your own well-documented plan of action for using PR, social media and other marketing techniques to support your book launch.

TIP: Don't forget to download the book launch countdown checklist.

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Book launch checklist - Kelsye Nelson

10 years ago

[…] TIP: This checklist goes along with my recorded webinar: How to plan a book launch […]

Jody Rein

10 years ago

Hi Kelsye,
What a FABULOUS webinar! I've run into many "experts" who run expensive full-day classes that don't provide a quarter of this practical info. I just had to write--it was so refreshing to see nothing but straightforward and reliable advice instead of an infomercial.
Just one minor note--I don't think any traditional publisher, even a small pub, would be happy about an author's taking it on himself to submit to review companies like Kirkus as that's very much the publisher's purview, and the system of submitting is different for trad (which don't pay) and SP authors (who do). In general, you might want to advise any traditionally published author to run all promo/publicity plans by his or her publisher, both to make sure the author isn't inadvertently annoying booksellers or media (or the publisher) by jumping into already-established relationships, and to get more bang for the promotional buck by coordinating efforts. Publishers welcome that kind of outreach (as long as it's done courteously, of course).
Anyway, that's a small point--thanks again. Well done!!!


10 years ago

Hi Kelsye,
Thank you for providing so much detailed and valuable information for self-publishers / authors. I bookmarked this link ages ago and just now got around to watching the webinar in its entirety. I will be attending a Bookapalooza event in a couple of months. This will be an excellent source for me to reference in a blog post to other authors in preparation for the local event in the Toronto GTA. If you like, I'll send you a link to the post when it's ready next week. I'm also working with a friend who is just getting started as a self-publisher. I expect she will be keen to learn more about Pubslush. Thanks for that tip among the many.


10 years ago

Hooray! That's great news Beth. I am glad to hear you found it helpful.