In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a coming of age story.

6comingofageIn SIX WORDS or fewer, write a coming of age story.

(Leave your story in the comments below.)

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8 years ago

I grew up way too fast.


8 years ago

She drank on her 18th birthday.

Adam Brooks (@adamrbrooks)

8 years ago

He left. I shouldered the load.


8 years ago

Her lips tasted like cherry slushie.

Jeremy John Parker

8 years ago

What is that?! An age coming!


8 years ago

I woke up and saw nothing.

Jeremy John Parker

8 years ago

So that's what pubes look like.


8 years ago

By then, Mark was too old.

Brian Bell

8 years ago

I'd been wrong the whole time.

Justin Schleider

8 years ago

I always wanted to. I did.

urbie delgado

8 years ago

Diego Garcia tip of the spear.

Justin Lau

8 years ago

Fictional romances... fictional for good reason.

Ray Sanders

8 years ago

Shore-leave,,,Tijuana,,,Juanita,,,1st-time freebie!


8 years ago

Horses fed, I left for college.

Catie O'Neill

8 years ago

"But I'm ready for autumn," -Treebud


7 years ago

It turns out
Parents ARE assholes


6 years ago

Wednesday's child is woeful. Explains plenty.

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