In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about brothers.



In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about brothers.

(Leave your story in the comments below.)

What the heck is this? Based on the response to my six word challenges on twitter, I decided to move the prompts to my blog so that you may all enjoy the responses. Hemingway was the first to write a six word story, though the truth of that is up for debate.


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Jonathan Shipley

9 years ago

He had my back. I, his.


9 years ago

Each never knew the other's love.


9 years ago

Oh brother where art thou?

Brian Milinsky (@cyclist1959)

9 years ago

brothers united and divided. Sibling rivalry.

Nikki Barnabee/@GargoylePhan

9 years ago

Youngest brother's hammer ended sibling rivalry.


9 years ago

Can't change them, just love them.

Colin Bannon

9 years ago

Blood makes you wretch. Water doesn't.

Paula McHale

9 years ago

My family was comprised of women.

Ciaran FitzGerald

9 years ago

Ran together. Climbed together. Fell, apart.


9 years ago

I made two of them. Proud.


9 years ago

He started out as my sister.

Mitzy Espiritu

9 years ago

Same face, same blood, different minds.


9 years ago

They shook with blood covered hands.

Mary Jo (@VictorianPearl)

9 years ago

Always there when I need them.

Stuart Farquhar (@WStuartFarquhar)

9 years ago

Snuck to convent to see girls.

Alaskan @thelastowl

9 years ago

He always ate the biggest slice.