In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about brothers.



In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about brothers.

(Leave your story in the comments below.)

What the heck is this? Based on the response to my six word challenges on twitter, I decided to move the prompts to my blog so that you may all enjoy the responses. Hemingway was the first to write a six word story, though the truth of that is up for debate.


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Jonathan Shipley

10 years ago

He had my back. I, his.


10 years ago

Each never knew the other's love.


10 years ago

Oh brother where art thou?

Brian Milinsky (@cyclist1959)

10 years ago

brothers united and divided. Sibling rivalry.

Nikki Barnabee/@GargoylePhan

10 years ago

Youngest brother's hammer ended sibling rivalry.


10 years ago

Can't change them, just love them.

Colin Bannon

10 years ago

Blood makes you wretch. Water doesn't.

Paula McHale

10 years ago

My family was comprised of women.

Ciaran FitzGerald

10 years ago

Ran together. Climbed together. Fell, apart.


10 years ago

I made two of them. Proud.


10 years ago

He started out as my sister.

Mitzy Espiritu

10 years ago

Same face, same blood, different minds.


10 years ago

They shook with blood covered hands.

Mary Jo (@VictorianPearl)

10 years ago

Always there when I need them.

Stuart Farquhar (@WStuartFarquhar)

10 years ago

Snuck to convent to see girls.

Alaskan @thelastowl

10 years ago

He always ate the biggest slice.