In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about advice you didn't take.


In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about advice you didn't take.

(Leave your story in the comments below.)

What the heck is this? Try to write an entire story in just six words! Hemingway was the first to write a six word story, though the truth of that is up for debate.


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10 years ago

She told me to duck. Ouch!


10 years ago

Please don't marry him.


10 years ago

Don't play with monkeys. I did.

Columbus Cody

10 years ago

Those dreaded words would have worked.


10 years ago

He was right about wearing sunscreen.

Jonathan Shipley

10 years ago

"No thanks!" (Potato salad gone bad)

Mike Schertenlieb

10 years ago

She begged, but I knew better.

Jeff Scattini (@jefreyscattini)

10 years ago

"Please don't kill yourself!" "Whoops"

phatone (@phat1one)

10 years ago

Never write for free.


10 years ago

It's a girl! (Baby stroller—unattended.)


10 years ago

Don't get involved, he's mentally ill. #6words

Stuart Farquhar (@WStuartFarquhar)

10 years ago

"No more than six words," she cautioned.


10 years ago

You're young, play the field!