In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about a bad romance.


Writing prompt: In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about a bad romance.

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Sara Light-Waller

8 years ago

…afterwards he admitted to being gay.


8 years ago

Loathing replaced love. Loneliness is worse.

G Craig Vachon (@c_ster)

8 years ago

And then she met his mother


8 years ago

The calls, texts, likes all stopped.


8 years ago

She gave me the finger

TC Newell

8 years ago

I needed to quit that.


8 years ago

He talked nonstop about his EX.

hildie block

8 years ago

You call this a paycheck?

Libby Doyle (@LibbyDoyle9)

8 years ago

He lied to her.


8 years ago

He's pissing in someone else's carafe.


8 years ago

We loved, we cried, she died...


8 years ago

He preferred computer games


8 years ago

The devil made me do him.

Madhavi (@madhavi_25)

8 years ago

Hugging; But texting to someone.

Scott Rainey, Portland Oregon

8 years ago

What was your name again?

Suzette Belmont (@SuzetteBelmont)

8 years ago

His cheating revealed, she walked away.

cre8flow (@cre8flow)

8 years ago

I am one of many


8 years ago

Old man. Young woman. Sneering obituary.