In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about your day job.


In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about your day job.

(Leave your story in the comments below.)

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8 years ago

Putting the "L" in "Public places."


8 years ago

Teen drivers. NO I DON"T TEACH.


8 years ago

Molding words to wiggle, giggle, scream.


8 years ago

We have an event. Today?

Allie P.

8 years ago

What message? I've been in meetings.


8 years ago

They destroy. I repair. They destroy.

Ben Thomson

8 years ago

Saw dust in eye, cried, re-solve.


8 years ago

Goal. Motivation. Conflict. Happily ever after.

Catie O'Neill

8 years ago

Open mail. Mouse click. 5:00 countdown.


8 years ago

Job's done, six hours to kill


8 years ago

Work: time between coffee and wine.

Vex Vaudlain (@VexVaudlain)

6 years ago

Find People. Place People. Rinse, repeat.

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