In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about your first breakup.

6firstbreakupIn SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about your first breakup.

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Carlos Cunha

10 years ago

She made me eat dirt.


10 years ago

He ate dirt. I had standards.


10 years ago

He came to my house naked.


10 years ago

A lesson in being truthful.


10 years ago

A day before the summer break

Jaym Esch (@JaymEsch)

10 years ago

Her perplexing reason?

"You don't argue!"


10 years ago

The first time my soul shattered


10 years ago

What Am I Doing? I'm Out!

George McLendon

10 years ago

"She's not home," Her mother lied.

Jen Woltemade (@JAWoltemade)

10 years ago

Gutted at the gas station.


10 years ago

First love lost, 14; married, 50.

Julie Schuster Nondorf

7 years ago

He told me, "Get an abortion."