In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about how to get a stubborn teenager out of bed.


Writing prompt: In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about how to get a stubborn teenager out of bed.

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Leela Soma

8 years ago

That sexting! Our relationship is over.


8 years ago

Cold, wet flannel, to the feet.

Cheryl Merrill

8 years ago

Cold glass of water. Worth it.


8 years ago

No wakey no drivey the car.


8 years ago

Vaccum outside their door. Bacon sandwich.


8 years ago

Awoke to dad screaming in terror.

Smitroverse (@Smitroverse)

8 years ago

The cattle prod came in handy.


8 years ago

Say, his crush is downstairs. Naked.


8 years ago

Son! Your crush is downstairs. Naked.

Pamela Gibson

8 years ago

Your phone fell into the toilet!


8 years ago

Tell them you found their Tumblr.

The Laughable Cheese

8 years ago

Wake up to society expectations today!