In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about an impulse decision.


In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about an impulse decision.

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Scott Cook, author

9 years ago

I don't even like Coffee Crisp.


9 years ago

Monday morning, she burned his letters.


9 years ago

He saw her, sobbed, and left.

Dreadpool (@Hepaxamendios)

9 years ago

married to end fight. didn't work.

Alix Rendell (@AlixRendell)

9 years ago

Entering city limits. One bullet left.

Marianne McKiernan

9 years ago

We might as well get married.

Adam Brooks (@adamrbrooks)

9 years ago

One more shot, then ... to Juarez!


9 years ago

Love betrayal strength that killed her.

Brendan (@WutBrendan)

9 years ago

Can one kiss really do this?

Morgan Wren (@mwren)

9 years ago

The bridge swayed as he leapt.

A.C. Harrison (@ReadACHarrison)

9 years ago

I leaned in, suddenly kissing first.


9 years ago

I packed my trowel. China awaits.

Karen B

9 years ago

She passed the turn...purposely.


9 years ago

Meh, think I'll buy the mansion.

Ray Sanders

9 years ago

Piece of cake...Oops!!!,,,DAMN-IT!


8 years ago

Funny thing about noses and earrings