In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about island life.


Writing prompt: In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about island life.

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Becky dotData (@beckydotdata)

3 years ago

can’t run from trouble on an island.. 7 though, still fun

Kevin Wohler (@kevinwohler)

3 years ago

Between the sea and shore eternally. #islandlife #6words #sixwordstories


3 years ago

Actually, I don’t really like seafood!-)

ben woestenburg

3 years ago

We’re living under the mango tree…


3 years ago

Beach breeze and sea dominating life.

Caldwell Publishing

3 years ago

It rains a lot.


3 years ago

Both Surrounded and isolated by water


3 years ago

Sun, sand, surf; happy at last. #IslandLife #6words #SixWordStoryChallenges

J Salmon Kitololo

3 years ago

Like a Gauguin, palms, breezes…


3 years ago

That damn coconut saved my life.

Myk Pilgrim (@MykPilgrim)

3 years ago

Wilson’s my friend, he doesn’t judge. #6words #SixWordStoryChallenges #islandlife

Jim Gaty

3 years ago

Stuck. No boat. Look! A bridge…


3 years ago

Cash grab. Aloha means goodbye too.


3 years ago

Abundant vegetation. But cohabitants are tastier.


3 years ago

With no network came great networking

David A. Norris

3 years ago

Student loan collectors will find you.


3 years ago

“What three things did you choose?”I

Genevieve Petrillo

3 years ago

A coconut fell on my head.


3 years ago

Light flashes, island shore exposed. Safe.


3 years ago

She memorized ferry timetables, plotting escape.


3 years ago

Palm trees, white sand, ocean breeze.

Nathan S

3 years ago

Daylight come and me wanna boat.


3 years ago

Indicating, continuing clockwise, seeing no exit…..

G. S. Oldman

3 years ago

We coulda had ferries. Goddam politics.


1 year ago

“Full moon party. Echo Beach”