In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about life as a dog.


Writing prompt: In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about life as a dog.

Leave your story in the comments below.

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Brie Paddock

5 years ago

Bacon. Love,
Beach walks. And gone.

Dhani Schimizzi (@IMeternalboy)

5 years ago

“Life as a DAWG” in #6words: “Throw me a BONE, I’m happy!”

Bruce Johnson

5 years ago

I think, therefore I…squirrel

Beverley Harvey

5 years ago

I know it’s me you love.

Vicki Bowles

5 years ago

She held me as I died.


5 years ago

Where my nose leads, I follow.


5 years ago

Nothing matters but right now.

Smokey Joe Mayes

5 years ago

Balls…I licked ’em, then slept.

Scott Rainey

5 years ago

Love licking crotch.


5 years ago

I never tasted chocolate.


5 years ago

Ball, field, chew, dig, cuddles, love.

T Justin Dee Light

5 years ago

Ruff. Tail wagging. PAPPA, YOU’RE HOME!

Phyllis holt

5 years ago

Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon!

G. S. Oldman

5 years ago

Nope. Not my treats, but… OK.

Nathan S

5 years ago

I came. I saw. I peed.


5 years ago

Nudge. Pat me. Nudge. Don’t stop!

James Barker (@realjamesbarker)

3 years ago

I hate jumping into lifted trucks.