In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about a middle sister.


Writing prompt: In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about a middle sister.

Leave your story in the comments below.

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Nigel Cameron

6 years ago

Only one way to move up.


6 years ago

This is gold.

Vex Vaudlain (@VexVaudlain)

6 years ago

Younger, older, sometimes forgotten, always loved.


6 years ago

Mom forgot middle daughter's middle name.

Jacki Lippman

6 years ago

Neither burdened nor spoiled, I survive.

Angela Gaye Horn

6 years ago

Middle sister.
Imagine that.
Nope, can’t.

Tracy Ellen

6 years ago

I'm the mediator of the world.

Ray Sanders

6 years ago

Loved by oldest and the youngest.

Cactus Moon Publications

6 years ago

Adventurous middle child, running wild . . . alive.

Steve Tierney

6 years ago

The unexpected journey was her last.

Susan J Hernandez

6 years ago

Not the milkman's daughter.

Jerry L. Rumph

6 years ago

She donned the hand-me-down with pride.


6 years ago

"Middle one." He pointed. "How much?"

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6 years ago

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