In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about a temptation.


Writing prompt: In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about a temptation.

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Catrina Hamid (@bookswinefamily)

8 years ago

Cast away dignity, for his touch.


8 years ago

Devour me. I belong to you.


8 years ago

She peeked his recent favorites. Cursed.

Amazed in Brooklyn (@Brooklynwatch)

8 years ago

Never say never, but always speak

Chris Metteer

8 years ago

Her soft skin pressed against mine.

John Byrne

8 years ago

"Sing 'My Girl' please". He did.

Dr. J.

8 years ago

Tongue to lip, his taste beckons.

Tara McMillen

8 years ago

It called to me. I answered.

Scott Rainey

8 years ago

"I'm drunk. Kiss me," she said.

Sukanya Samy

8 years ago

She couldn't resist cheating her husband.

Jerry Seltzer

8 years ago

She wanted me; I turned away.

G. S. Oldman

8 years ago

I, uh, lost your Liberace record.

James Braswell

8 years ago

I fantasized her wearing no clothes.


8 years ago

The luscious, chocolate cherry cheesecake beckoned....


7 years ago

Her husband took me to lunch.