Small Towns

Small Towns

Upon spotting an old lover outside the coffee shop, slow your steps. Give yourself time to note his hat, the notebook in this hand, the espresso cup beside him before he lifts is head and meets your gaze.

Notice the distinct emotions that flick over his features as he processes your arrival. Surprise. Joy. Caution. Sadness. Anger. Defense. Say hello in a soft voice. Say his name.

Place the little envelope on the table so that he can see his name written across. Tell him you didn't know if he would talk to you or not. Nod as he agrees that maybe he won't, yet notice how he has already picked up the envelope and presses the edge with his thumb.

Let warmth show on your face and allow a quiet beat to pass. Contemplate saying more, but decide instead to allow him the consideration of a private moment in which to ponder your unexpected reappearance. You care about him. You don't mean to ambush or cause him more suffering.

So smile, touch his hand lightly, and walk into the coffee shop leaving him and any expectations you may have had outside on the sunny patio.




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