In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about your mom's advice.


In SIX WORDS or fewer, write a story about your mom's advice.

(Leave your story in the comments below.)

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Heather Bowden (@msheatherbowden)

8 years ago

Chinese say, hanging earlobes, good man.


8 years ago

Because I said so.


8 years ago

"Kiddo, never go to bed angry."

Kristina Meek (@meek_the_geek)

8 years ago

Stay thin, marry money. Um... okay?

Tim McEown

8 years ago

Be better than you are.

Edward Southgate

8 years ago

Reality or existence is fluid.


8 years ago

She said to look both ways


8 years ago

Never give advice to your children.


8 years ago

Leave well enough alone...


8 years ago

You can't, you shouldn't, I wouldn't


8 years ago

Oh what a mess you made!


8 years ago

"Don't. No, really, just don't."

dani Stockham

8 years ago

Don't marry an asshole. Like me. #6words

R. E. Hunter

8 years ago

Sorry, I ate the whole bag.


8 years ago

Remember, son, beer is not food.