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Book Lush 19 - Stephen King The Shining

Book Lush Cocktail: What to Drink While Reading The Shining by Stephen King

Introducing a thrilling new Book Lush cocktail recipe inspired by Stephen King’s The Shining.
Kblog small kickstarter delinquent square

Confessions of a Kickstarter Delinquent

I’m a Kickstarter delinquent. Yep, that’s me. I Kickstarted my Book Lush project. The campaign was wildly successful. We raised over $9,000 with 141 backers supporting the book. Cue tears…
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Small Towns

Upon spotting an old lover outside the coffee shop, slow your steps. Give yourself time to note his hat, the notebook in this hand, the espresso cup beside him before…
mission accepted funchal portugal

Mission Accepted: Cats of the World Shall Dine on Meat Cubes!

If I were to imagine a sleepy kind of paradise, it would come very close to Funchal, Portugal. The perfect position of this town on the island of Madeira many…
seven days at sea

Seven days at sea: Smack in the middle of a writer’s dream come true

Seven days at sea. Not at all like the steamship crossings of Hemingway and Twain, where attendants empty daily chamber pots and passengers were offered “cocaine lozenges” to ease the…
begin journey around the world

How to begin a journey around the world

The brave leap my teenage daughter and I took last year that changed our lives forever. Wake up, I told myself. You will not get these months back. Her childhood…
consequence of loving you

What is the consequence of loving you?

Will you make me rich? Drape me in leisure. Satiate my hunger with rare cuts of bovine flanks? Whom will I lose and whom will I gain? Will it bother…

Can you really bounce back from failure?

Imagine how honored I felt when asked to speak on the main stage at Geekwire’s Startup Day? The request made me giddy. I’ve long admired the Geekwire crew and the…

Curse of the Smelly Otter

Another weekend with Foam. This time, I brought along Kiddo and Kiddo Number Two (K2). We arrived after dark Saturday night. The kids oohed and ahhed at our pretty pirate…

The Foamy Sea Captain

This fall, I adopted a wooden boat named Foam. I know nothing about boats. A dream to own a sailboat stubbornly lodged in my brain from the time I lived on…